BBC News – Coastal Britain

We took part in the BBC News Coastal Britain project yesterday – interviewed by Martine Croxall live on the BBC! 

Melissa Gallimore, our Operations Manager, Adam Hutchinson, Carpentry Apprentice at Watson Construction and Martin Waller, Quality and Curriculum Manager talked about the important role the team at Construction Skills Village play in providing our coastal town with career opportunities for young people and the importance of building a stronger local economy.

Martin spoke about the need to train more tradespeople in green skills and sustainable building technologies – essential as the government has laid plans for a green revolution in house building  where all new homes will be required to be highly energy efficient, with low carbon heating, and be net zero carbon by 2050. 

Two new energy efficient prototype homes are to be built by SoHoCo Developments at the Eastfield site later in the year and will provide a great example of the technologies needed and the skills required for the future workforce. 

The piece also called out to local construction companies who are interested in taking on an apprentice to get in touch as there are learners waiting to join the apprenticeship programme.