Student Feedback: Kyle Orange


Name and Age

Kyle Orange, 17

Where did you grow up?


What course are you on / did you do at the Skills Village?

EAL Electro technical Installation

What attracted you to a course in construction and what led you into it?

My uncle is an electrician

What qualifications did you need to get on the course?

Maths, which Redcar and Cleveland College helped me with.

What careers advice did you get in school that helped you decide on this career?

I was not given any careers advice at school.

What are the best/worst things about your experience at the Skills Village?

We get to go on site to do our practical work in real properties, if we were at college it would be on a circuit board. Worst thing about the Skills Village is that the facilities are limited, but it is a real working site.

Where do you expect to be when you complete your course and how do you see your career in a few years from now?

On my way to being a good electrician

What was your main reason to decide to become an apprentice?

To learn what it is like on site and getting paid to do something I enjoy

How easy did you find it in becoming an apprentice?

Quite easy as the Skills Village team really helped me find work experience and an apprenticeship.

What do you do on a day to day basis?

1st fixing

What advice would you have for someone thinking about becoming an apprentice but they are unsure?

Take a chance, you might enjoy it. If you don’t like it, you can always do something else.

Where can you see the apprenticeship taking you in the future?

A career as an electrician

Are there any myths that you had heard about working in the construction trade that aren’t true?


What are the highlights for you of becoming an apprentice?

Learning the ways of how to