Student Feedback: Emily Francis


Name and Age

Emily Francis – 18 years old

What course are you on?

Bricklaying Level 2 with Yorkshire Coast College

Where did you grow up?

Northstead, Scarborough

What attracted you to a course in construction and what led you into it?

My mum is a plumber and my dad is an electrician so I guess it is in my blood really. My mum can do most trades and from a young age I have gone with her to jobs. I have had a lot of hands on experience with my mum and knew I wanted to work in construction as I like manual work.

What qualifications did you need to get on the course?

I did not pass my maths and English so the college is supporting me with this.

What careers advice did you get in school that helped you decide on this career?

My careers advice in school was to work in sport, possibly a sports teacher just because I was good at sport. I was never once asked about construction.

What are the best/worst things about your experience at the Skills Village.

At the Skills Village you gain site experience and work as a team . You also get offered work experience and job opportunities. At college you have to work on your own.

Where do you expect to be when you complete your course and how do you see your career in a few years from now?

I will start my new job next month with Yorkshire Coast Homes and would like to progress to be a supervisor, then within 10 years I would love to be self employed.

Construction is male dominated, how did you find the experience as one of the few females on the course and how would you advise younger girls thinking of choosing a career in construction?

I was really nervous at first however after the first day I realised I shouldn’t be. Students, tutors all treat you the same. Everyone has the same units to do. You are your own person in construction.