Student Feedback: Jack Newham


Name & Age

Jack Newham – Age 21

Where did you grow up?

Scotland then Scarborough

What course are you on / did you do at the Skills Village?

Traineeship in Multi Skills

What attracted you to a course in construction and what led you into it?

Recently moved back to the area and was looking for work and liked the idea of working in construction.

What qualifications did you need to get on the course?

Basic Maths and English as otherwise you would have needed to do it with the college.

What careers advice did you get in school that helped you decide on this career?

No careers advice was given however did not want to do construction when at school.

What are the best/worst things about your experience at the Skills Village?

The best thing about the Skills Village is that it is on a live building site and the work is outside giving you the relevant working skills, unlike a college.

The worst thing is that it is cold in the winter; however it has prepared me for when I start my winter working onsite.

Where do you expect to be when you complete your course and how do you see your career in a few years from now?

I have managed to get an apprenticeship with Kebbell Homes who is the housing developer of the site that the Skills Village is on. I would like to see my career progress as a qualified bricklayer still working for Kebbell Homes.

What was your main reason to decide to become an apprentice?

The long term career goal as a bricklayer is fantastic. You can earn up to 5 times more money as a bricklayer than a labourer.

How easy did you find it in becoming an apprentice?

Easy as the Skills Village found me the job and Kebbell have really helped me on the job.

What do you do on a day to day basis?

Assist the brick laying gangs in helping them lay bricks, load up their materials, keeping the site clean and tidy

What advice would you have for someone thinking about becoming an apprentice but they are unsure?

I would tell them to go for it. At the start your wage is not the best, but look at the long term goal of a career which will eventually bring in a lot of money.

Where can you see the apprenticeship taking you in the future?

Hopefully progressing to the top with Kebbell Homes, I’m now learning to do my driving lessons which will then mean I can follow Kebbell wherever they are working.

Are there any myths that you had heard about working in the construction trade that aren’t true?

No none, as my tutors at the Skills Village all came from a construction background so only had positive things said to me.

What are the highlights for you of becoming an apprentice?

I get to work Monday to Friday doing something I really enjoy and get paid to learn a qualification at the same time.